MAKE 2023 A


Intentional Year

A holistic approach to
transforming your life

by supporting intentional habits.

Do you suck at building habits?

Me too!

Every year I have a dozen New Years Resolutions, and I make a checklist for my epic morning routine full of yoga, meditation, journaling, and all the things the Instagram health-gurus said I should do every day. . .and two weeks later I’m burnt out, and forget all about my intentions, only to feel guilty about not doing them for the rest of the year.

What went wrong?

Here's What Doesn't Work

  • Trying to do too much.
  • Not choosing the most impactful habits
  • Feeling guilty for not following through, and avoiding getting back on track
  • Depending on January 1st as THE day when everything's going to change
  • Forgetting all about your intentions

How would your life be different

 a year from now if you could actually follow through with your habits?

What resolutions would you make if you knew you would act on them? 

Just imagine. . .

Starting a profitable business by posting consistently.

Getting fit with a regular workout routine. 

Keeping your house tidy with a cleaning routine.

Big changes are made in small steps, but it takes more than a habit tracker to keep you on track!

But I’ve tried everything!

Me too! I have stacks of planners on my shelf, pages of habit trackers in binders, abandoned spreadsheets full of checklists…..Just because you didn’t stick to habits in the past doesn’t mean you can’t, it just means you had reasons why you didn’t. The reasons might not be obvious to you, but you’re not broken!

No matter how many times you haven’t stuck to habits in the past, it doesn’t mean you can’t stick to habits ever. I’m not saying you’ll finish this course and never skip a habit again. But you will have the knowledge and tools to help you re-evaluate and continue moving forward. You’ll have community to encourage you. You’ll learn the qualities of the person you want to embody who can do those habits effortlessly. You’ll be able to go easy on yourself if you don’t follow through every single day.

Wheel of Intention

This course was inspired by the Wonder & Wilder Wheel of Intention, my holistic habit tracker --- but here's the thing: This course isn't even really about habits. It's actually about the foundational, inner work that makes sticking to your habits easier.

The Wheel of Intention complements this program because it supports creating habits because it's a beautiful calendar that will remind you of your intentions all year, be a visual record of your progress and encourage you to embody your future self now. It is an optional add-on for the course.

Wildly Intentional

This course is really much more than just sticking to habits. It's about designing an intentional lifestyle that supports your healthy habits. 

In this course you'll

  • discover what really matters to you
  • learn how to prioritize when you want to do too many things
  • learn how to make habit-forming easier by becoming the person who does the habits easily

So what does it take

to stick to your habits?

 Is it a monumental amount of willpower? Desperation? Alarms? Setting up your space to make it easy? 

This course goes even deeper!

This is not a typical habit course; we won’t be focusing on habit-stacking or setting up triggers. We’re taking a holistic approach, and looking at habits as a small part of the intentional life you want to create, and the person you want to be.

To stick to your habits, you need to back waaaaay up and look at your overall intentions and vision for your future to make sure you’re choosing the most impactful habits. You want to build habits so you can change your life, but it’s not just about doing something every day. It’s about being the person who will create the life you want.

Knowing Your Values

Values are the basis of prioritizing your actions —they’re what’s important to you. As much as you’d looooove to have the luxury of a 3 hour morning ritual filled with journaling, meditation, yoga, drinking a gallon of lemon water. . . .you can’t do everything. By prioritizing your values and choosing the habits that are most aligned with your values — you’ll make sure you’re not just choosing habits you think you ‘should’ do.

Envision Your Future

Next we’ll look at different areas of your life and envision the best future in each area, giving the subconscious and heart a chance to be heard before logic takes over with the ‘realistic’ goal setting. We’ll discover where you want to be physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and paint a picture of your best life for you to work towards.


My holistic approach gives you transformational exercises to help you step into your goals. Here’s where we look at who you need to be to do those habits. There’s a reason you never stuck to them before. Maybe they were the wrong habits, or maybe you were overwhelmed or afraid, or didn’t prioritize them, whatever the reason is, the you that didn’t do the habits isn’t the you that will do the habits. Embodying the person that will do them is a core part of this approach to habits and goal-setting.

Set Aligned Goals

Finally, we get to the more traditional, tactical side of making habits happen by setting goals in alignment with our values, that will make the most impact on our lives, and plan which actions we need to do to reach those goals.

Let’s take a look at what you’ll learn in each module:

Discover Your Values

The core of this module is a fun, journey of imagination that will draw out what's most important to you and give you an opportunity to prioritize your values to make it easier to decide what to make time for. 

Envision Your Future

Next we'll see which areas of your life need the most attention, and envision what your best future looks like. 

Embody Your Success

In this module you'll look at your daily life now as compared to your future vision, and map out ways you can start to transform in the present. 

Setting Aligned Goals

The last module was about who you want to be; this module is about what you want to do. We'll set goals, and break them down into milestones, habits and actions. 

Staying On Track

Things don't always go according to plan. That's why we need a plan in place to get us back on track. We'll learn mindset shifts and support systems that will keep us making progress. 

You'll Get:

Video Modules

Five one-hour video modules


20+ page workbook

Wildly Emails

Motivational emails all year



You'll also get access to the community of Wildly Intentional humans working towards their goals together.

Cycles of Wellness

This daily tracker supports your progress by giving you insight into factors that affect your well being. You can use it to track your mood, energy, and more. 

This is for you if...

  • You struggle to stick to habits
  • You want to stop feeling guilty for not doing your habits
  • You want to do all the things! This year is going to be awesome! It’s finally the year I’m going to make all the changes at once --- You need to prioritize!

It's not for you if...

  • You expect your life to change overnight. Forming habits is a journey, and transformation happens one day at a time.
  • You're only interested in doing specific habits. Part of this process is about discovering the habits that are most important. 

About Me.

I’m a terrible habit-do-er! I’m a free spirit who struggles to stick to habits and routines because I’m always doing something new…and until I used the principles in this course, I was just spinning my wheels and feeling guilty for not doing enough.

I’m a certified life coach, graphic artist, and forest wanderer. This course brings together Transformational Embodiment coaching methods, and wisdom gained from my own struggle to keep healthy habits. 

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Have a wildly intentional year!

  • clarify your values
  • envision your future
  • stick to your habits


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