HOW WILL 2023 be better?



If you have a stack of planners on your shelf, and a list of habits you intend to start every year but don't -- you're not alone. I designed these habit trackers because planning and tracking wasn't working for me. My other habit trackers were getting lost in binders or browser tabs. 

Wheels of Intention printable tracking posters are versatile trackers that you can use your own way, to track what's important to you. Each one is a circular calendar year, with rings divided into different increments of time - days, seasons, months, weeks, and 3 times per week. Choose the ones that match what you want to track, and put them on the wall where you'll see them every day. 

Smart Art that You Create

These trackers co-create your desires with you. 

“Sell the results,” say the marketing gurus. But the results of using my trackers are whatever you choose them to be. How could you transform your life in 2023 if you knew you could build a new habit? 

Would you start a profitable side hustle? Work on your fitness with a new workout routine? Keep your house tidy? Drink more water? Meet up with friends?
Make more art? 

You can also use them to gain insight on different factors affecting your mood and health, for example by tracking your menstrual cycle or your energy levels. The Wellness Correspondence Trackers are designed for this purpose.

Whatever your joy is, you can use these trackers to create more of it in your life.

This piece of paper won’t make you keep a habit. 

(But it can help)

  1. 1
    Choose the Right Habits
    Who do you want to be? Choose habits that align with your values, that you truly want to do.
  2. 2
    Put the tracker somewhere that you can't avoid it. Get set up to do your habits.
  3. 3
    Share your habits! Make it fun; do them with friends near or far. Use the hashtag #wheelofintention to share your progress and show off how you're using your trackers.
  4. 4
    Don't "set it and forget it"! Review your intentions regularly and change them throughout the year if necessary. My Wheel of Intention is designed so you can write your theme or different habit each month. 

One day at a time


Big changes happen with consistency over time. Every day you'll look forward to filling in your tracker with your favourite colours, and have a visual map of your progress at the end of the year. 

On your wall and in your face, this beautiful art helps you be focused and remind you of the commitments you are making to yourself.


Transformation TAKES AWARENESS

The Cycles of Wellness tracker can be used for daily habits, but it's specifically designed for tracking different factors that affect your life to let you see correlations. For example, whether your medication is affecting your mood, if certain foods make you sleepy, or if the moon affects your menstrual cycle. My flexible trackers let you track correlations between whatever it is you'd like more insight into. 

It's not just about actions

Who do you want to be?

Creating new habits is hard. It's not just about taking an action every day, it's about being the person who wants to take those actions. With this in mind, my habit trackers include space to write areas of focus or qualities of personality that you want to embody as you embark on your habit transformation.


It's like A useful Paint-by-numbers

The whole point of making this beautiful is so that you WANT to see it and use it. If you enjoy markers and pens, you can print it on matte paper. You could also laminate or frame it and use dry erase markers. This way you could write your intentions at the beginning of the year, and still be flexible if your plans change. If you prefer digital planners, you can use it on a tablet with an app such as Goodnotes. 

Lunar Correspondences

Those moons aren't just pretty - they correspond with the dates. New and full moons days are grey on the lunar tracker. 

A Beautiful Reminder

Don't leave your habit tracker stuck in a planner on the shelf! Keep it in your face on the wall. 


Add your own special dates - milestones, holidays, birthdays or anything else you want to remember or celebrate.

Instant Download

The files are delivered to your inbox instantly for you to take to your local print shop.

See the Whole Year

Designed to be printed at 24" x 18" they are big enough to have the whole year on one page.

Serene Watercolor

Minimalist design accented with watercolour.

Support Small Business

Each tracker is designed by me in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Getting it Printed

You can download the files for your tracker as soon as you checkout.

You can use it digitally with an app like Goodnotes, but I highly recommend

getting it printed so you'll  see it all the time!. 

Local Print Shop

Send your files to a local print shop and pick it up. 

Online Printer

Send the file to an online printer such as Vistaprint, and get it shipped to you.

Print & Tape

You could even print them at home on letter paper and tape it together. It's not the best way, but it's an option if you're on a budget.

Choose Your Perfect Tracker Below:

About Me.

I'm a multipassionate, forest wandering, graphic artist and life coach — and I'm terrible at forming habits! I made these trackers because I'm so inconsistent that I don't even drink coffee every morning -- and I love coffee! 

I started creating planners & trackers when I was at home during the pandemic, disorganized and overwhelmed. My house was a disaster, I was self-employed working from home with no schedule to stick to, so any kind of healthy regimen was extremely hard to keep. I created these trackers for myself, to help create some sense of regularity and ritual in my life.