Second Nature


In this fun-packed weekend, you'll learn everything you need to
start creating social media videos for your brand — including confidence!

September 8th to 10th 2023
Blue Forest Shores, Nova Scotia, Canada

Be a natural on video!

You've heard short videos are an amazing way to market your business, but there's so much to learn! 

You keep meaning to start a TikTok because
you know it gets more organic reach,
but you just keep posting on your IG feed
because recording and editing great videos,
feels like so much work. 
You're worried everything has to be perfect
so you never hit record.

But. . .

You started a business because you care about what you do,
and you know that people want what you're offering
....if only they knew it existed.

And now you're ready to make waves online!

just imagine. . .

Having an engaged community of followers and fans who can't wait to see what you're posting next. 

Confidently showing up to get your message out there, and selling without feeling scammy. 

Creating content that you can use over and over on several platforms to multiply your effort.

In this weekend retreat, you'll learn how
fun and easy it can be to create TikToks and Reels
for your business. 

You'll learn to engage your audience and turn them into customers, 
so you can keep doing what you love!

You're a natural!

Casual, candid videos do really well on TikTok, and the good news is that they're easier to make than professional, over-scripted videos. 

 be yourself!

By the end of the weekend you'll have the skills and confidence to have fun with short video, and start growing your audience.

I'll show you 

  • easy video formats
  • how to record to reduce editing time
  • how to repurpose your ideas and content to maximize your effort
  • how to get inspiration from what you're doing everyday

Why short video?

If you’re finding most of your photo posts are only getting views from your existing audience, it’s because they are. Short videos are the best way to get your business in front of a NEW audience.

This is typical of my TikToks. "For You" means the percentage of posts that are suggested to a new audience.

Short videos are capturing your audience’s attention like no other social media. TikTok is so popular, it's not only capturing attention away from other social media platforms, but it's competing with Netflix and other streaming platforms. 

The Retreat Includes:

Concept to creation: fill your content calendar in a weekend!

We'll do it together

Two days of learning, collaboration, and hands-on practice creating videos.

We'll make it fun

You'll see how creating video is easier than you think, and it doesn't all have to be perfect.

Content Plan

You'll learn to generate more ideas than you could ever create!

Collaborate with Peers

Connect with other business owners in person, so you can support each other online as you get started.

Beautiful Location

Blue Forest Shores is the perfect location for recording beautiful videos. There's lots of space to roam, and there will plenty of free time to enjoy it.

Delicious Meals

Delicious plant-based meals and snacks are provided so you can focus on creating great videos.

Blue forest shores

The weekend takes place at a beautiful coastal retreat centre with lots of different spaces to enjoy and record your first videos in beautiful settings. And you'll be able to make videos while having fun! Swim in the ocean, walk the forest trails, or lounge in the medicinal herb garden. 

This is perfect for you if . . .

  • You have a business and you're ready to branch out into a new audience.
  • You’re ready for the confidence to be on camera and share your message.
  • You're overwhelmed by all the parts that go into creating video - recording, editing, posting, etc. 
  • You're low-key dreading being on camera, but see how much impact it could make for your business. 
  • You're ready to create, you just don't know what to talk about.

You'll see that short videos don't have to be perfect, and the easiest videos to make can often be the most successful.

From inspiration to creation, I'll show you how to show up confidently on camera to connect with your audience, get more reach, and serve more people with your business, because what you do matters. 

About Me.

I joined TikTok in 2020 and was amazed how easy it was to grow my following. My Instagram views were nowhere close to what they once were, and Facebook seemed like a ghost town, but I got lots of comments on TikTok from real people.

As a person without one niche (I'm a web & graphic designer, hiking guide, business consultant, life coach, and forager) I've found that the culture of TikTok is heading away from having a niche, and more people are growing a community by just being their multi-faceted selves. 

This is exactly what I want to help people do - have the freedom to be themselves! So I created this retreat to help business owners promote the businesses they're so passionate about so that they can continue doing what they love. 

Tentative Schedule

Our itinerary includes a combination of learning, peer collaboration, and hands-on content creation at the beautiful Blue Forest Shores. 


  • Starting at 5:00 pm Arrival, campsite set-up, site tours
  • 7:00 pm Welcome & Main Character Energy guided meditation


  • 7:00 am  optional yoga on the lawn overlooking the ocean
  • Breakfast
  • You'll learn the culture of short video and how your brand fits in, how to record great videos, and we'll dive right into practicing recording. Before lunch we'll reconvene to brainstorm content ideas for your business and plan your content.
  • 12:00 – 1:30 pm Lunch
  • You'll learn several types of video formats to multiply your ideas. Then it's play time, where you can create content while roaming the forest trails, relaxing in the garden, or playing by the ocean.
  • 5:30 Dinner
  • 8:30 pm Campfire (when permitted)


  • 7:00 optional morning Warm-Up Activity
  • Breakfast
  • Apps, editing & automating - we'll learn to edit the content you created yesterday and finish your first few videos. 
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • How do videos translate to sales? Learn optimizing your profile, add calls to action, and keep them coming back for more. 
  • Closing Ceremony, finishing at 4:30 pm

Despite the fullness of our itinerary, there's plenty of time for relaxation and mingling with like-minded individuals.

Accommodation Options

  • BYO Tent

  • Glamping

  • boathouse

  • off-site

Included in the registration fee is the option to bring your own tent for our treed sites. There are clean outhouses, a wash station, and shower nearby.


As soon as you register, you'll get access to my Content Creation Kit - a list of my favourite (optional) tech tools and gadgets that I use for creating video. Of course, all you really need is your phone.

You'll also get my Brand Clarity worksheet to prepare you to dive into promoting your business at the retreat. 

Next retreat: Fall 2024

Second Nature Retreat is rebranding to Video Visionary.
Fall dates and location will be announced soon. Sign up below for updates. 

  • Create videos with confidence!
  • Make more impact with less effort
  • Create content while having fun outside
  • Plan your content
  • Learn to record & edit
  • Make your first few videos together

I’m committed to helping you live in alignment with your true nature and be a force for good in the world. I celebrate all identities and acknowledge the inherent worth of all people and am dedicated to unlearning harmful social conditioning, and doing my part to create a more equitable world. All people are welcome to flourish in my digital forest, except those who are intolerant of identities different than their own.