Discover your self in nature.

(Or online, inspired by nature.)

ReWilding Wanders are guided gatherings for women who want to break down the barriers to expressing their innate gifts, and live in harmony with nature.

Wildness is a state of being whether you're outside or indoors. 

In forests in & around Kjipuktuk (Halifax, Nova Scotia), and Online.


if you want . . .

  • to be more yourself, and more aligned with your purpose
  • to connect with other women on a journey of self-discovery
  • to express your natural tendencies, and navigate what it means to be a wild human in a world that tries to domesticate you

join me in the forest!

Or explore your inner wilderness online.

It's for you If you. . .

  • struggle to connect to your intuition, inner wisdom, and feelings
  • feel constrained by the expectations of society & disconnected from who you truly are
  • struggle finding your purpose and are indecisive in life
  • are reluctant to express yourself & speak your truth
  • . . .or just want to frolic in the forest with other spiritual women!

    In ReWilding Wanders, we go into forests around Halifax, find a quiet spot to gather, and come back to our true selves. 

    Each week, we'll explore a different aspect of embracing our human nature to improve our selves, lives, and communities, and I'll guide us through my favourite self-discovery and embodiment techniques. 

    What is ReWilding?

    ReWilding means a return to a natural state. Modern life has pulled us away from our natural tendencies, and domesticated us - leaving us less self-aware, less intuitive, and less able to freely feel our emotions and express ourselves. 

    I'm using the theme of ReWilding as the thread that weaves together many objectives and activities of these Wanders. 

    When women's lives are in stasis, or filled with ennui, it is always time for the wildish woman to emerge; it is time for the creating function of the psyche to flood the delta.

    - Clarissa Pinkola Estés

    Explore your deepest, 

    wild & wise self.

    Nature serves as inspiration, and as a non-judgemental, neutral backdrop in which we can be ourselves without the pressure of society, to increase awareness of ourselves and the natural world. Modern, city life has severed our connection to nature to our detriment. In addition to the tangible, physical benefits of spending time in nature, we can also derive many metaphorical lessons from her.

    Specific themes vary week-to-week. The overall series will explore:

    • self-expression, setting boundaries, and speaking your truth
    • connecting with the wisdom of your emotions
    • listening to your intuition
    • embracing your innate gifts
    • living life more fully, joyfully, and present
    • planning your days and seasons around your body's needs, and the cycles of nature

    Your Guide

    Hi, I'm Carolyn

    I want to help you embrace your whole, multifaceted self!

    In my ReWilding Wanders, nature is the inspiration to guide you to become more of who you are, before society told you who to be.

    I'm a wildly multipassionate nature lover, purpose coach, and brand designer. After years of having difficulty choosing a career and floundering at half-hearted endeavours, I realized the problems was that I couldn't bring my whole self to any one of the things I had chosen. I wanted to do everything! The more I leaned into accepting that it is OK and natural to have many interests, and that I don't have to put myself in a box, the more clear my path became. 

    Now I see that piece of my self-acceptance was part of a larger picture of leaning into human nature, and feeling less constrained by the expectations of a rigid society.

    These Wanders weave together many of my passions, including personal development, mysticism, hiking & being in the outdoors, environmental philosophy, and my experience in coaching people to find their business niche, which is also really just about being more yourself. 

    I have gotten so much value from being in nature, and having the freedom to discover who I am, and lean into being my whole self, that I am driven to share that opportunity with others.

    What will we learn?

    Each week we explore a different theme of becoming more human in harmony with nature. Wanders include a combination of teaching, discussion, and related experiential activities, guided meditations, or contemplations. See the calendar for details, and subscribe for the weekly topic. Depending on the season & location, I'll point out useful plants as we pass them.

    EXAMPLE Themes

    Living in Sync with the cycles of Nature

    How we're affected by the seasons, sun, and moon cycles and how we can better adapt to a world that disconnects us from these cycles. 

    Feeling Safe in an Unsafe World

    Safety is one of our most essential needs that allows us move beyond our comfort zone and explore new territory, but many of us are starting without this stable foundation. How can we increase our feeling of safety?

    Wild Nutrition

    Even fresh produce is getting more toxic and less nutritious than it was 50+ years ago. We'll meet some wild food and healing plants and discover why getting some wild nutrition is more important than ever.

    Sharpening Your Senses

    Routine, city life dulls the senses because we no longer need to rely on our senses for survival. Experience your senses in a whole new way in this week's special activity.

    Sounds amazing, but . . .

    Do I need to be outdoorsy?

    You need to want to be outdoorsy! No outdoor experience is necessary. All you need is a willingness to learn, sturdy walking shoes, and the spirit of exploration.

    Is the walking portion strenuous? 

    No. There may be rough or muddy terrain, but we will take our time, probably stopping along the way to meet plants. The walking portion will be less than 2km unless otherwise advertised in advance for a particular week.

    What if the weather is bad? 

    We will still go in a little drizzle, but in case of pouring rain or worse, the event will be rescheduled. Your admission fee can be applied to any future Wander.

    What do I need to bring?

    • sturdy, weatherproof footwear - we may be crossing rough or muddy terrain
    • something to sit on and be comfortable outside - a picnic blanket, camping chair, cushion, etc.
    • warm, weather-appropriate clothing, maybe a shawl or cozy blanket if you like
    • a journal or notebook and pen
    • water
    • a thermos with a hot, comforting drink (optional)

    Are you ready to rediscover your true self in nature? 

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