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CUSTOM: Wheel of Intention Printable One Year Habit Tracker 2023


This printable poster is a beautiful reminder of your positive intentions for the new year. It has rings to track activities you want to do daily, weekly, 3/week, monthly, and space for writing in important days and celebrations. This is the same as the regular Wheel of Intention, with custom modern calligraphy in the centre, up to 3 words. 

How do you want to transform your life this year? Do you want to improve your mood, increase your energy, eat healthier? Big changes are made in small steps, and this printable habit tracker will help keep your eye on the prize, and moving forward every day.

This unique circular calendar habit tracking wheel will help you build new habits throughout the year. Each time you walk by this beautiful poster on your wall, you’ll see your progress and be reminded of the intentional habits you want to create. Whether you want to practice meditation, do a monthly review ritual, track your daily mood, or any other transformative habit, you can use this tracker to record your actions on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
I designed this tracker because I found other habit trackers didn’t have the versatility to track everything I wanted to track on one page. Research has shown that people who track their progress are more likely to improve than those who don’t, and this versatile tracker has rings for daily, weekly, 3 times per week, and monthly tracking.

You can also use the monthly rings to record an area of focus or theme of your intention for each month. 
And at the end of the year you’ll have a beautiful artwork to celebrate your accomplishments!
This would make a great gift for someone who is working on personal growth and wellness. It’s an instant download, so you can simply email them the file, or you could have it printed for them.
This is a digital file only. No physical product will be shipped.
The image is designed to be printed at 18″ x 24″ but can be scaled down. Print for “Best Fit” without stretching.

What can you track?

Daily, Weekly, 3/week, and Monthly Rings.

This wheel is divided into rings for habits with different frequencies. 

You can use the trackers to track intentions, rituals, habits, your mood, menstrual cycle, or tasks.  

The moon phases surrounding the wheel represent the actual moon phases, so if you'd like to track your mood or menstrual cycle, you can see the correspondence.

• 3 monthly rings

• 3 weekly rings

• 1 ring for 3 times per week

• 4 daily rings

Use it Your Way

Using your own colours and markings throughout the year will make a unique keepsake artwork. 

  • Use the central space for a mini-vision board, your word of the year, or an inspiring image. 
  • The spacious ring has daily notches so you can add in any important dates, celebrations, accomplishments or milestones you want to remember. 
  • You could also use one of the rings to track your mood by colour-coding your markings on that ring. 
  • To track a new monthly challenge each month, you can use one of the monthly rings to record the area of focus or theme of your intention for each month.

Write your intentions in the sidebar for reference.

At the beginning of the year, write your intentions for each ring, and how they fit into your daily life. 

There is also space at the bottom of the sidebar to add your own legend if you are using color-coding. 

The sidebar is divided with a dotted cut line, and if you choose, you can cut it off. Separating the sidebar will allow you to hang the wheel in different directions so you can keep the current month on top if it's on a wall or cork board.