Welcome to the magic intersection of
your MANY PASSIONS & my business tactics.

You're a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur who wants a core brand for all of your ideas, offerings and packages.  With my Passion Pathfinding method, I'll help you turn your passions into the business of your dreams! 

Imagine if you embraced all your interests.

If you have several varied interests, you know how frustrating it is to decide which business to start, or choose a niche.

You can turn your many passions into a profitable, multi-offering online business that will keep you interested!

I get it. I have a ton of ideas too, and I used to start from scratch with each one. I would get excited about the idea, buy a domain name, design a website, write the copy....but I was stuck in the busy work . . .until I had another idea. Lather, rinse, repeat.

This lack of continuity kept me stuck in perpetual start-up mode. 

Stop starting from scratch!

Now, instead of starting from scratch to develop a brand for each new idea, my core brand allows me to create and sell different products and services in one place, and gives me time to wander in the woods coming up with MORE great ideas! 

We both know spending the time to develop a new brand for each new idea you have is just keeping you from making money RIGHT NOW. 

So let's get you to earning more money faster with a core brand that allows you to pop in your great ideas and get it out to your market as soon as you have the idea.

Break the cycle of "New Brand Euphoria" and get into the habit of "Make Money from this New Idea Now"


I mean, same. But it takes so much of your focus and by the time you get it *JUST RIGHT* you have lost the momentum to get your great idea out there. Turn your "new brand euphoria" into "new offering euphoria"!

If we build you a core brand, you can get your ideas into the hands of your clients & customers so you can experience the AMAZING feeling you get when your bank account is full, your bills are paid and you can take the afternoon off to go wander the woods, film TikToks, and go paddleboarding, or whatever it is that you love. 

HERE'S WHY being multipassionate is your superpower to thrive in online business:

  • You're not limited to one product or idea. You build your audience first, and then create offerings that are fun for you, and valuable for them.
  • Instead of excelling at one thing, you let your personality shine online and find like-minded people. 
  • You'll never be bored wearing all the different hats that small business owners wear, and coming up with new offerings.

Discovering your theme and your audience is the first step. In the Passion Pathfinding session, we'll discover your audience, your message, and other essential elements to get your business started. 

Before I met with Carolyn, I had so many ideas swirling around in my head that I couldn’t move forward with my business. I was in a state of self-doubt and confusion. I knew I wanted to put myself out there, but I couldn’t figure out what I was offering and to who. After going through the Passion Pathfinders process (which was less than 90 minutes!) I had a clear idea of who my audience is, what problem I’m solving, the tools I’m using, the benefits to my clients, a marketing & branding strategy that aligns with me, and best of all - my “secret sauce”. This was all laid out in a simple, one-page template that gave me the confidence and clarity I needed to take the next steps. And, it was easy! I can’t believe I’ve been running around in circles for months. I wish I had done this from the very beginning!

Lisa Morrison
Coach, Reflexologist, EFT Practitioner

Hi, I’m Carolyn

I know from experience the difficulty of being multipassionate. I used to hate when people asked me "What do you do?" I was either doing too many things to list, or I was working on a yet-to-be-successful blog. I would make lists of career possibilities, and list the pros and cons of each, I would buy domains and start websites and blogs for every great idea. I would take online course after online course thinking THIS was the strategy for me. 

I knew I had the skills and knowledge to succeed at something. . .but what?

I resisted choosing one path because of the fear of giving up on every other amazing idea I had.

One day as my lists got overwhelming, I decided I needed a visual way to explore my interests and figure out how they all fit together. That's how I developed Passion Pathfinding. 

I used this system myself to design a multi-faceted business that gives me freedom and flexibility to work with the people I want to work with, and do all the things I enjoy doing.

Now I can:

  • Express my creativity
  • Make my own hours
  • Explore new interests
  • Work from anywhere

Passion Pathfinding is my own method of designing your unique business. This interactive activity uses little cards on a table to dynamically play with different business ideas. We'll use the cards, my business knowledge, and our intuition to look for patterns in your interests and discover a business you'll love. I'll ask specific questions to collect all of your ideas, interests, skills, talents and more. Then we physically re-arrange all of those "assets" to discover new connections, themes, and possibilities for your personality brand. Then we'll fill in the details of your brand so you can start to find your voice online and start selling!

If you know you want to start a business but you have so many interests that you can't decide which business to start, Passion Pathfinding will set you off in the right direction with a business you love that lets you embrace your whole self.

Who is this for? 

  • creatives with more than one creative outlet
  • health & wellness professionals who use many modalities to help their clients
  • wildly multipassionate people who can't possibly decide on a niche! (Hint: You don't have to!)

Passion Pathfinding Coaching
Is perfect for you if. . .

• You hate the idea of choosing a niche because it feels so limiting

• You love learning and have lots of interests and hobbies

• You want the flexibility and freedom of an online business, but have trouble sticking to one thing because you have so many amazing ideas you'd love to share with the world!

• Maybe you've even been told you're 'scatter-brained', 'flaky,' or 'all over the place' because you can't decide

• You're ready to take action to make your vision a reality!! (Even if you don't know what your vision is yet!)

The Passion Pathfinding Package includes:

  • 1 core session, approximately 3 hours where we'll use my Passion Pathfinding method to design your unique multi-offering business that can grow with you.
  • A 1-hour follow-up session after 1-2 weeks
  • Email and text support between sessions
  •  A description of your core brand, ready to bring to a brand or website designer
  • Recordings of our sessions
  • Your unique Passion Card Deck as a keepsake that you can draw on for inspiration in the future

One brand for a multi-passionate, multi-offering business allows you to have one outlet for your many passions.

No more starting over for each new idea. 

No more juggling multiple social media accounts and websites for each idea you have. 

With one core brand that allows you to keep creating new ideas and new offerings, and keep momentum going in your business.

After this 3-hour sprint of designing your business, you'll be able to move forward with clarity toward an online business that gives you the freedom to do all the things you love.



Whether you are designing it on your own or hiring a web designer, this exercise helps you to focus & be prepared. 

What I have seen over the last 5 years as a web designer, is clients not knowing what they need on their page, and sometimes not really knowing what their business is or who it's for. This adds up in time, money, and frustration. 

What if I sort of have an idea already...?

I'll meet you where you're at. Going through the Passion Pathfinding process is different for everyone. People with very diverse interests are often surprised to see themes the never saw before, and some people with interests in the same field (for example wellness) still get clarity and validation, and take their ideas from separate offerings to a coherent personality brand. 

Can I do this process on my own?

The magic of Passion Pathfinding is that it is part business and part coaching. I use my coaching techniques in the session and ask questions that will help draw out the most relevant information and discover what you're really most excited about. 

What if my passions have nothing in common?

With Passion Pathfinding, we'll make a multipassionate map for a cohesive brand. Some passions will be central to your business, some may be successive, and some will be like the Ace up your sleeve that makes you stand out in a crowd. Some passions may not fit into the business plan, but you don’t need to monetize your whole life! Your unique business will suit your lifestyle.



Are you ready to take action toward a business that:

  • lets you feel free to bring your whole self to your business
  • turn your ideas into products and services sooner
  • lets you make money doing what you love
  • is an outlet for multiple ideas, products, and services
  • gets you out of perpetual start-up busy-work for each new idea
  • is designed around your lifestyle

Hell yeah!