Welcome to the magic intersection of
your MANY PASSIONS & my business tactics.

I combine Transformational Embodiment coaching, my own Passion Pathfinding method, and business strategy, to create a program customized for you, to turn your passions into the business of your dreams! 

In this 3 month coaching container, you'll move forward with clarity toward an online business that gives you the freedom to do all the things you love. 

In the first three sessions we'll explore YOU. We'll go deep into your interests and values, to make sure you set out on the most aligned path for you. The rest of the program is customized to you, based on your direction and what will most help you move forward.

Are you doing what you "should," 

instead of what you love?

Imagine if you embraced all your interests.

Every day could be different. You wouldn't have to do the same thing every day. You could enjoy doing things you love. 

Passion Pathfinding is my own method of designing your unique business. I'll ask specific questions to brainstorm all your assets. Then we physically re-arrange all your "assets" to discover new connections, themes, and possibilities for your personality brand. Next we'll narrow down the options and design your first offering, and concise blueprint for your passion-driven and profitable online business.

If you know you want to start a business but you have so many interests that you can't decide which business to start, Passion Pathfinding will set you off in the right direction with a business you love that lets you embrace your whole self.

Passion Pathfinding Coaching
Is perfect for you if. . .

• You hate the idea of choosing a niche because it feels so limiting

• You love learning and have lots of interests and hobbies

• You want the flexibility and freedom of an online business, but have trouble sticking to one thing because you have so many amazing ideas you'd love to share with the world!

• Maybe you've even been told you're 'scatter-brained', 'flaky,' or 'all over the place' because you can't decide

• You're ready to take action to make your vision a reality!! (Even if you don't know what your vision is yet!)

You'll receive

This 12 Week container includes:

  • 9 sessions (45-90 min.)
  • Between-session support through voice messaging & email for the duration of the program and for three-months after our wrap-up session. 
  • Recordings of our sessions
  • Access to growing resource library of worksheets, tech training videos, & practices


  • Week 1: Intake Session
  • Week 2: Values Discovery Workshop
  • Week 3: Passion Pathfinding Session
  • Week 4: Integration week with on-call support
  • Week 5: Business Blueprint
  • Week 6: Custom Session
  • Week 7: Custom Session
  • Week 8: Integration week with on-call support
  • Week 9: Custom Session
  • Week 10: Custom Session
  • Week 11: Integration week with on-call support
  • Week 12: Wrap-up session

What happens in a coaching session? 

Every coaching package is unique, depending on your needs.

Based on the intention that you are here to start a business, the first 3 sessions are specific activities that are a core part of my Passion Pathfinding program designed to help you get clarity on a first niche for your passion-driven business.

The remaining sessions are customized to your needs, and they can include a variety of coaching methods or business strategizing and training. Each session I will ask what you would like to focus on, and we can use the time for whatever issue is top of mind for you. If you're not sure, I'll suggest how best to move your business dreams forward.


powerful questions
Emotional Freedom Technique
guided visualization
embodiment practices


copywriting & messaging
brand discovery
tech set-up



Are you ready to take action toward a business that lets you:

     • feel free to be your most authentic self
     • make your own schedule
     • work from anywhere
     • make money doing what you love?

Hell yeah!