DO you hate the idea of "niching down"?

You don't have to choose!

About You

You're dreaming of the freedom of having your own business, but you have so many ideas that you don't know what to do.

Having many passions is your nature. You're a multi-faceted being with many interests, talents, hobbies and passions and that's OK.

It IS possible to build a brand and business that can hold all your interests without confusing your audience -- a business that gives you the freedom to do what you love, make your own schedule, and even be able to work from anywhere.

Are you ready to step out of analysis paralysis and design a unique business that gives you the freedom to do all the things you love? To embrace your nature as a wildly multipassionate person, and let your whole self shine?

You're in the right place!


I'm Carolyn

I turn indecisive and overwhelmed multipassionates into thriving business owners.

I'm wildly multipassionate myself, and I help clients with many aspects of their business.

Passion Pathfinding Coaching : finding clarity and direction

• designing a captivating, multi-faceted brand that can encompass all your passions

• web design that makes it easy for your audience to find you

I believe being multipassionate is human nature. Not everyone is multipassionate, but it is a natural and normal personality type that has been repressed by industrialized society because specialized workers are more efficient cogs in the capitalist machine.

As a result, many multipassionates struggle to fit in, to find a place in a specialized world.

I'm here to help you create your own place.

transformational embodiment coaching badge of completion

Certified Field Leader (Hiking)

Why Wonder & Wilder?

Tapping into your wildness helps your business thrive!

Being "wilder" isn't just about going out into the literal wilderness and frolicking in the woods (I do love to do that, though). It's about getting in touch with your unconditioned, true self — your wild self before you were tamed by the constraints and expectations of our 9-5 society.

You are the common element in all your many passions, and potential businesses and offerings, so knowing your true, wild self deeply will help you design the best business for you that will make your multi-faceted heart sing. And growing a business is also an inner journey requiring self-reflection and growth.

Wonder & Wilder is about exploring your "inner wilderness" with curiosity and compassion, and using what you learn to create a business and life that allow you to express your truest self.

The more yourself you are, and the more authentically you show up in business, the more your message will resonate with your audience.

So be wild and thrive!