Following your passions 

is wildly  strategic.

I'll show you how to turn your passions (plural!) into a profitable business with my Passion Pathfinding method. This 7-day email series lays the foundation, including a guided visualization and Passion Brainstorming worksheet.

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I'm Carolyn. 

I'm here to help you build a passion-driven business that gives you the freedom to do all the things you love, so you can unleash your wild soul.

- Lisa Mechler

Carolyn and her approach allowed me to clearly see how my passions are related to one another, and how I can build my brand by really incorporating all aspects of myself. I no longer feel that I have to sacrifice parts of myself to build a business. Carolyn also helped me to define my target client, which was challenging for me previously. In the process of trying to be all-inclusive, I was unable to previously outline the type of people I can best serve. 

Your fun is your fortune!

Are you doing what you "should," instead of what you love?

Passion Pathfinding is my own method of designing your unique business. I'll ask specific questions to brainstorm all your assets. Then we physically re-arrange all your "assets" to discover new connections, themes, and possibilities for your personality brand. Next we'll narrow down the options and design your first offering, and concise blueprint for your passion-driven and profitable online business.

If you know you want to start a business but you have so many interests that you can't decide which business to start, Passion Pathfinding will set you off in the right direction with a business you love that lets you embrace your whole self.

Being multipassionate is your superpower.

Tactics | Design | Branding & Messaging

Drawing on my years of helping small businesses develop their online presence, I can show you how to find clarity in chaos, and run a passion-driven business.


Explore your inner world and discover your unconditioned nature that is waiting to be unleashed. The Transformational Embodiment Method is a truly holistic approach to coaching. 

HEALING PLANTS | Adventurous & Eco-Conscious Lifestyle

Inspiration from nature informs much of what I do. The forest is a healing place full of treasure, both botanical and contemplative. 

I'm writing a book!

ReWild Your Life

Actual Title TBA

Wildness is being who you are. Embody your innate, wild nature with this collection of ReWilding activities & rituals you can do at home or in the wilderness.

De-domesticate Yourself  will open your eyes to all the ways that you have been tamed, and are suppressing your true nature. 

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